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Thirty in ’Thirty-Nine

TMUMC charter members

Our church – called “the miracle church” by an early pastor -- was launched as a venture of faith by thirty charter members (the majority of them women, it would seem from the above photograph) in 1939.

Coming out of the Great Depression, they had, nevertheless, raised $166.44 (equivalent to some $2,500 today) at ground-breaking seventy years ago. Surely, they felt, the Lord had blessed them.

TMUMC Ground Breaking

On June 8, 2008, a ground-breaking took place, as we launched another “venture of faith.” It represented our determination to undertake the long-awaited and long-needed renovation of our beloved structure. We had accomplished agreement and approval, in the orderly manner of the United Methodist Church, and – through our first, formal Capital Campaign – had achieved our goal of $400,000, set two years earlier. It was a time for grateful rejoicing.

But no one needs to be reminded of the escalation in prices and the slow-down in our economy during these past few years. The first bid received on our project was double our campaign goal! Only through prayer, re-examination, and hard work were we led to a contractor willing to join our “venture of faith” with an estimate we could manage. We agreed in Charge Conference to avoid further cost increases by “locking in” the entire work as a whole, rather than in stages, over time. We also obtained local bank acceptance of a “line of credit,” to be drawn upon when and if needed. All of this was reviewed and approved by responsible parties representing the District and the Conference.

Three Hundred in ’Oh-Nine

MUMC under construction

The work has begun. Hallelujah! It commenced in July 2008 with the interior, basement renovation. The entire project is set to be completed prior to the end of the year, so that we can look to our Seventieth Anniversary in 2009. Can we make that a debt-free celebration? Can we manage the cost increases, yet avoid having to borrow against our credit? To do that, we all must re-examine our financial commitment to the work. Can you fulfill your pledge earlier? Can you add an extra amount to your original pledge? If you are giving, but have not made a pledge, can you make a pledged commitment to join with others? Members of your Capital Campaign Committee, who set the example at the beginning, are renewing their commitment to the fulfillment of the project by digging deeper in their pockets. Please join us. Let’s go forward together, with vigor and zeal. We build for our future and that of coming generations. We pray that this work is for the Glory of God and will better equip us to carry out the Great Commission.

Tappahannock Memorial UMC Capital Campaign Committee

To: All Members and Friends of Tappahannock Memorial

From: Chairman, Church Administrative Council

Subj.: Celebration and Renewal

This is a great and exciting time for our church and for the Good News in Tappahannock. We have embarked on a challenging course, firm in the belief that we are doing so with God’s blessing and the leading of the Holy Spirit. As we have caught glimpses of the work underway in the basement or seen the enormous dumpster-loads in the parking lot, we can hardly wait to see the renovations and changes take shape, and to imagine the improvements to come. Thank you – all of you, who have made this “leap of faith” possible.

In the enclosure, our Capital Campaign Committee reminds us of the similar venture of faith taken by our spiritual ancestors (and the parents and grandparents of some of us) seventy years ago, also under difficult economic times. In tribute to what they have given us, and to ensure the success of our own project, we need to see if we cannot redouble our financial commitment to the work and to the church as a whole. Please read what they have to say. Pray on it. And see if you cannot increase your commitment. Next year marks our Seventieth Anniversary. We hope to enter 2009 with the work completed and our finances sound. Even as our Building Committee and our contractor seek ways of reducing expenses, we can do more to help and to avoid borrowing. Please join with us. In the words of the song, “We are the church together.” Together we can do it.



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