Tappahannock Methodist
We seek to be the disciples of Christ, welcoming all as we nurture and support one another through service and outreach.

1937- A few began meeting at various places under the ministry of Rev. Henry Kobe.

1938- Rev. A.L. Stevenson led the drive for money, manpower, and materials.

1939- Ground breaking took place with only $166.44. The basement of the church was started with the help of Mr. Roland Taylor’s oxen and scoop along with Mr. Riston Hutchinson’s (Bobby and June’s father) mules and scoop to dig the basement.

The church was known as the “Miracle Church” a church begun with precious few dollars and loads of faith! The faith was rewarded as money, materials, labor and other services poured in from far and near, from Methodists and Non-Methodists.

Handmade bricks came from Old Pace Memorial Church at King & Queen as well as the historic pulpit lectern from which Frances Asbury spoke in 1790. A 200 year old pipe organ served for many years. 14 beautiful stain-glassed windows honoring local and worldly Methodists were given by caring friends and families.

During the early years the church was named Mouzon Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South in memory of Bishop Edwin D. Mouzon.

1940- On June 16 services were held in the basement of the new church building. 1941- On June 17 services formally inaugurated the sanctuary. Sunday school was organized with Mr. A. J. Broughton as superintendent, followed by James Coghill. The first teachers were Nellie Coghill, Louise Turner and Elizabeth Hardwick.

1948- A note-burning ceremony celebrated paying off the debt on the building. Membership had reached 146, from the 30 in 1937.

From the beginning the women of the church provided tremendous financial support, serving suppers and later began an annual bazaar.

1954- The Methodist Men began with the Judge Vincent Hardwick the first president.

1962-A major building addition was completed at the rear of the original building.

1974- 1983 Rev. Hudson Hornsby began the longest pastoral term in church history. There were three active choirs, Vacation Bible School, Revival Services, a Men’s oyster supper, women’s bazaar and the XYZ club was formed.

1982- The pulpit and choir areas were redone and the divided chancel rail installed.

1986- The long time need for a church secretary was filled by Joanne Woody.

1990- 80’s Fund-raising provided an elevator for the physically challenged.

The choir has always enhanced the worship services and continues doing that under the direction of Director Davidson Burgess and organist Kathryn Paulette. Over the years Cora Sue Spruill, Sylvia Massie, Kathy Powell, Dot Turner, Molly Weiss, and William Cage have generously shared their time and musical talents.

The United Methodist Men and Women’s organizations continue to make great contributions to the church community and missions.

2003- The first Many Moods musical was held. This December will be the 4th Annual musical which includes the church choir and a 35 piece orchestra.

2005- The “Experiencing God” Bible study group had a vision and started the Tappahannock Free Clinic and with the help of Dr. James Ledwith.

2006- The church has a group of 9 individuals traveling with the St. Barnabas Foundation on mission to Honduras in November.

2006- Our church is a small town church in a rural community – active and growing, dedicated to all age groups, and devoted to the needs of our children. Our aim is to instill solid values today to deal with a more complex world tomorrow. With this brief history, we can only relate a few of the highlights.

We have many workers whose names have not been mentioned here, one day you will all be rewarded. No doubt, you already have been by the satisfaction of jobs well done.

Membership now stands at 302, Sunday school membership is 64. There are programs for all ages including a children’s time sermon every Sunday.

Since 1937, 21 Ministers have served this church. Pastor Michael D. Payne has served since 2004 and the Administrative Assistant is Dolly Loomis.

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Sunday Worship: 9:00 am & 11:00 am • Sunday School: 10:00 am • Office hours 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday
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